Free Auction History Reports Now Included With Auction Inspection
by Jim Stone
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We are excited to announce the inclusion of a FREE auction history report with every auction inspection!

That's right, FREE!  

Our customers have been asking for years if there is a way to know if a car has been through auction before and if so, what the details were.   Today we are able to answer those questions.  For FREE, our auction inspections will include a auction history report from  The report will include the following:

  • The auction name (Copart or IAAI)
  • The date of sale
  • Bid amount
  • Highlights
  • Location
  • Mileage
  • and more...

If you have not already clicked the link to, please do.  These reports are available as a standalone product from them for just $25 each.  We consider this a valuable tool when researching a vehicle's history.  FYI, a lot of the details included in the report are NOT included in Carfax and other standard history reports.