Just how many times has that car been sold?
by Jim Stone
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Have you ever wondered how many times a vehicle has been sold at auctions?  It is not an easy question to answer.....until now!


Many times I have answered the phone and been asked if I knew the sales history of a particular vehicle.  I have always done my best to answer that question, but have had varying success in doing so.  Many auctions, such as IAAI, Copart, and Manheim, remove all auction information and vehicle photos as soon as the vehicle is sold.  This makes it very difficult to determine how many times it has been run through the auction.  Until now, it has not been possible to accurately determine how many times a vehicle had been auctioned or listed online and in classifieds. 

Now, not only is it possible to get accurate data about sales, it's FREE!   All you need is a VIN.  Enter that VIN on our site by clicking here, and you will be presented with a caption like the one below!


Free History Reports


For FREE, you can tell that this vehicle has been sold at auctions 4 different times and had been offered for sale in classified listings!  FREE!!!!!!

Now, if you want more information than that, then youll have to give a little.  For just $8.99 we'll give you the listing details and photos of the vehicle from the listings (when available).  So, what are you waiting for?  Click this link and get started!